In case you missed it, over the weekend the Orange County Register covered the announcement of Crystal Miles of her campaign for the State Senate. Her campaign is being Co-Chaired by Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner. Below are some excerpts and you can read the entire article on the Orange County Register's website.

Villa Park Councilmember Thinks Sacramento Ignores Communities And She Wants To Change That


…Miles, who was first elected to the City Council in 2018, said she is running because she believes policy decisions in the statehouse have negatively impacted local communities, including how California handles housing. The state, she said, has spent billions of dollars trying to address homelessness, but the unhoused population continues to rise.

“Sacramento politicians are making decisions based on what is best for them, not the community,” Miles said. “They ignore the problems they have created or they are inept at dealing with it.”

…Public safety is another big-ticket item Miles is hoping to tackle in Sacramento if elected. Strong measures are needed, she said, because crime is rising.

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