Republican Senate candidate Crystal Miles Calls Out Senators Min and Newman for Last Minute Attack on Prop 13 

Villa Park, CA - - In case you missed it, liberal Sacramento Democrat politicians are rushing through a constitutional amendment that will directly undermine California’s landmark taxpayer protection law, Prop 13.

Villa Park Councilwoman and Senate District 37 candidate Crystal Miles directly called on Senators David Min and Josh Newman to oppose the constitutional amendment:


“This sneaky tactic is typical of the California legislature. When this measure makes its way to the Senate, and we all know it will because the Assembly Speaker is the primary sponsor, I’m urging both Senator Josh Newman and Senator Dave Min to oppose their special interest friends and stand with the thousands of voters from their district who signed the petition to place the Taxpayer Protect Act on the ballot next year. Voters want to Protect Prop 13 and oppose higher taxes.

“Senator Josh Newman was already recalled once for raising taxes that we are still feeling the effects of every time we fill up our gas tanks. Will this be his next vote that leads to higher taxes? One thing voters can be certain of, when I’m elected I will put them first before the special interests in Sacramento and I will always oppose tax increases.”

ACA 13, backed by Democrat Assembly Leadership, is a highly contentious piece of legislation written specifically to undermine a taxpayer protection measure on the ballot next year to strengthen taxpayer protections. ACA 13 is a disingenuous piece of legislation brought before the Assembly in a sneaky tactic called 'gut and amend', that allows new legislation to be brought before the Legislature at the last minute, bypassing the regular legislative process by using an existing bill number. For more information visit

ACA 13 passed the Assembly elections committee yesterday on a 5-2 vote and will head to the Assembly Floor next.

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