Official Ballot Statement

Crystal Miles                                                                                   Age: 54

Orange County Business Owner, City Councilwoman, Veterans Advocate

I am running for the State Senate to shake up the status quo in Sacramento with conservative common sense.  I stand for border security, law enforcement, parental rights, local control, and government accountability. I will protect our Constitutional rights.

My platform is straightforward and fiscally sound: No tax increases. Protect Prop. 13.  Repeal the Gas Tax. Audit state spending and hold the government accountable for every dollar.

I support Strong Border Security and Oppose Sanctuary Cities. I’ll work for tougher laws against crime to keep dangerous felons locked up.  I will defend parental rights in education and work for more choice and excellent schools.

As an Orange County Business Owner, I understand needless regulations and gas tax hikes have harmed our economy and made inflation worse. I’ll work to make California business-friendly once again.

My experience includes: Research Scientist specializing in biomedical immunology and cancer research; longtime local business owner; Military Veterans Advocate; City Council Member and former Mayor; Mother of two sons.

My endorsements include Orange County’s leading Republican officials, including former Senate Republican Leaders Pat Bates and Dick

Ackerman, Congresswoman Mimi Walters, Assemblyman Phillip Chen, and O.C. Board of Supervisors Chairman Don Wagner. Over 25 local city councilmembers and schoolboard members endorse me.

I humbly ask for your vote. Please visit Thank you.

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