We Support Crystal Miles For State Senate!

California Republican Assembly
Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association PAC
California Women's Leadership Association

"Crystal Miles is a community leader and woman of action who will shake up the status quo in Sacramento."

Don Wagner

OC Supervisor & Campaign Co-Chair

"Crystal Miles is a fresh new face and an energetic and accomplished woman who understands what's wrong in Sacramento and how to fix it."

Mimi Walters

Former U.S. Representative & Campaign Co-Chair

"Crystal Miles shares my values and vision for Orange County and that's why I support her for State Senate."

Phillip Chen

Assemblyman, 59th District & Campaign Co-Chair

"Crystal Miles possesses the strong conservative vision we need in Sacramento to push back against the policies that are running our state into the ground."

Jim Silva

Former OC Board of Supervisors & Former Assemblyman

"I'm supporting Republican Crystal Miles because she is a true defender of parental rights. She will put our children first. That's why I support her for the State Senate."

Mike Morrell

Former State Senator

"I can tell you Crystal Miles checks all the boxes as a successful candidate. Republicans are lucky to have her running in this election and I will be casting my vote for her."

Pat Bates

Former State Senator

"Crystal is a Republican businesswoman, a popular City Council Member and a mom who gives us the very best chance to win."

Shannon Grove

State Senator & Campaign Co-Chair

"I'm happy to support Crystal Miles because as a mother and small-business over, we know that she will put the needs of our community ahead of partisan politics."

Gene Hernandez

Yorba Linda Mayor

Dick Ackerman
Former State Senator & Campaign Co-Chair
Allan Mansoor
Former State Assemblyman & Former Costa Mesa Mayor
Jolynn Mahoney
Campaign Co-Chair & Businesswoman
Stephen Faessel
Anaheim Councilmember
Steve Vargas
Brea City Councilmember
Don Harper
Costa Mesa Councilman
Jim Righeimer
Former Costa Mesa Mayor
Bonnie Peat
Cypress Councilmember
Mike Frost
Dana Point Mayor
John Gabbard
Dana Point Councilmember
Stephanie Klopfenstein
Garden Grove Councilmember
Tony Strickland
Huntington Beach Mayor
Pat Burns
Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem
Casey McKeon
Huntington Beach Councilmember
Erica Pezold
Laguna Hills Councilmember
Josh Sweeney
Laguna Hills Councilmember
Brian Goodell
Mission Viejo Councilmember
Bob Ruesch
Mission Viejo Councilmember
Robyn Grant
Newport Beach City Councilwoman
Claude Parrish
Orange County Assessor
Jon Dumitru
Orange Councilmember
John Gyllenhammer
Orange Councilmember
Mike Spurgeon
Orange Mayor Pro Tem (Ret.)
Mark Murphy
Orange Mayor (Ret.)
Rhonda Shader
Placentia Councilmember
Ward Smith
Placentia Mayor
Vince Rossini
Villa Park Mayor Pro Tem
Brad Reese
Former Villa Park Mayor
Rich Ulmer
Former Villa Park Mayor
Beth Haney
Yorba Linda Councilmember
Leandra Blades
Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School Board of Education Trustee
Gracey Van Der Mark
Huntington Beach Councilmember
Steve Knoblock
San Clemente Councilman
Bruce Dennis
Riverside County Board of Education

Linda Ackerman

Akshay Anand

Jerry Chang

Shanna & Chris Gilroy

J. Robert Gilroy

Susan & Howard Groff

Doy Henley

Colleen & Buck Johns

Fran & Bill Klovstad

Julie & Martin Krupoff

Edwin Laird

Rachel & Michael Luu

Barron Night

Kristin Manna

Monique & Ryan McArthur

Meg & Jim McComb

Anne & Greg Middleton

Noelle Parrish

Hament Patel

Ada Pei

Jeanette & Erik Reynolds

Beth & Pat Riley

Susan Silvestri

Laurie & Billy Skeffington

Julie & Sam Stremick

Cynthia Thacker

Robert Ward

Chris Winn

Leah Wissink

Paid for by Crystal Miles for Senate 2024

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